Institutional Best Practices

Creating Awareness of Forensic Science amongst Law Enforcement Agencies and Public at Large

The prime vision of the Institute is to create a peaceful society by imparting world-class forensic education to students, common man and professionals and to support the police in the criminal investigation process. We intend to change and reverse the notion that the “criminal is always one step ahead of the investigation agencies”.
The Institute aims to create informed citizenry as well as a workforce that would be able to stand up to the ever-rising stature of crime and criminals in the society. The need for modernisation and knowledge of the current developments in the field was felt and hence, the current practice was implemented. It was ensured that the practice is continuous and progressive so as that a large number of people are benefitted.
The details of the practice are provided here.

Natural Farming Methods as a Tool to address the Agrarian Crisis of Vidarbha Region

Vidarbha region is infamous for farmer’s suicides due to low yield, high production cost, insufficient irrigation facilities etc. Therefore it was decided to work on the problems faced by agrarian community through the involvement of future citizens of the country.
Natural farming is a low cost technique and requires less resources viz. water, fertilisers etc. So, the issue of farmer’s suicides was tried to address by teaching the students various methods of natural farming. The practice was initiated on the space meant for botanical garden and the tasks like ploughing, cultivation, harvesting etc. were done manually by the staff and the students.
The details of the practice are provided here.