Department of Forensic Biology
Forensic biology is the fact based Science.

We, as Human beings, are part of a society. Some people live in harmony with each other, while others are cause of social unrest & injustice like theft, murder, sexual or physical assault etc. Consequently, advent of basic sciences gave rise to Forensic science, which has become inevitable in unraveling mysteries of a crime scenario in legal practices to give exact proves against the convicts. Biological samples like blood stains, tissues, bodily fluids, hairs etc. though may add to evidences, at the same time might build confusion to pinpoint the culprit. Forensic biology is a field which employs techniques of serology, physiology, metabolism, pharmacology, and genetics to sort out main culprit of the crime from suspects leaving evidences at crime scene. Though biological samples may be indistinguishable between same of the species or two different species, DNA makes all the difference!

DNA a biological macromolecule can be identified in different individuals due to differences in their sequence dictating its polymorphic nature. Biologists harness techniques like PCR, RFLP, RAPD, DNA sequencing, DNA microarrays etc. for DNA profiling of samples collected to compare them with suspect’s DNA. If DNA profiles match, suspect can be identified and brought to justice. In lieu, DNA profiling also helps in paternity testing, knowing legal heirs in a family, identifying rape convicts, bodies or parts of carcass in accidents, soldiers at warfront, and charred remains beyond recognition which are just a few instances to quote. This unleashes the power of DNA which is the ultimate source of truth and cornerstone of modern day forensic biology

Faculty Member

Department of Forensic Biology
Sr. No Faculty Name Download Profile
1 Dr. Virendra A. Shende
Associate Professor And HOD
2 Mr. Malojirao Sarjerao Bhosale
Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Hariprasad Madhukarrao Paikrao
4 Mrs. Archana L. Mahakalkar
Assistant Professor

Facility Available

Molecular Techniques Serological Techniques Others
PCR technique Blood Grouping Saliva Analysis
RAPD Prostate Antigen Hair and Faber analysis
RFLP Other Serological technique Microbiological Technique
Anthropological evidence study centre

Instrument Available

  1. PCR
  2. Compound Microbiology
  3. Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer