Discipline and Conduct

Rules for maintaining discipline in the Institute

All admitted students shall abide by the rules and regulations at present in force or that may thereafter be enforced for the governance of the Institute.

Rules for maintaining discipline in the Institute

Identity card will be issued to every bonafied student of the Institute of Forensic Science and it is obligatory for every student to posses it when in the premices.

Students can avail of library, gymkhana and railway concession facilities against this card.

Each academic year consist of two terms. As per the rules of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj, Nagpur University, Nagpur, 75% attendance is compulsory for every student in each term for the apperance of University examinations.Absence in either lectures or practical shall be treated as absence for the whole day. Student will have to produce a medical certificate from a Registered Mediacal Practitioner, in case of less attendance due to illness.

Students having less than 75% attendence will not be allowed for appear for the examinations.

Students intending to leave Institute after the first term should inform theDirector prior to the end of the term. If not doing so, the student will be charged full fees for the second term.

Regular tests and internal evaluation will be conducted. The attendance in every test is compulsory for the students.

Students remaining absent for such examinations or tests without prior permission are liable to disciplinary action. The students securing less than 25% marks in the Institution examination or tests may not be allowed to appear for the University examinations.

Anti-ragging measures

Ragging is banned. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students indulging in such activities.