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                                                                                                            – Martin Luther King Jr.

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Forensic science is that piece without which the puzzle of a criminal investigation is incomplete. Without the application of forensic science, criminals can never be convicted unless an eyewitness is present. While detectives and law enforcement agencies are involved in the collection of evidence, be it physical or digital, it is forensic science that deals with the analysis of those evidence in order to establish facts admissible in the court of law.

Forensic science plays a vital role in uncovering and unsealing unsolved mysteries in a certain crime scene. Forensic science deals with the investigations through gathered evidences from crime scenes such as the fingerprints, gunshots, weapons used, etc. If forensic science is not there, it will be very difficult for legal machinery to reach upto the actual culprit and finally deliver justice. Therefore, the duties and responsibilities of a forensic scientist in a criminal investigation is plays very crucial role as it involves the careful examination of an evidence while ensuring that it should not be tampered with. Thus, Forensic Science is a major ray of hope in a journey towards justice.


Department of Law
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1 Smt. Shivkanya Subhash Kadam
Assistant Professor
2 Shri. Nilesh Vitthalrao Dhande
Assistant Professor

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