B.Sc. Forensic Science

Nature of Course

The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science shall extend over a period of three academic years, comprised of six semesters viz, I to VI. At the end of each semester, there shall be a theory examination whereas the practical examination shall be conducted only in semesters II, IV and VI.
The following shall be the examination leading to Degree of Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science:
  1. The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Semester-I Examination
  2. The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Semester-II Examination
  3. The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Semester-III Examination
  4. The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Semester-IV Examination
  5. The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Semester-V Examination
  6. The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Semester-VI Examination
The period of Academic Session shall be such as may be notified by the University

Eligibility Criteria

The student seeking admission to B.Sc. Semester I course examination should have passed 12th standard examination (10+2 Pattern) of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education with English and other Modern Indian Languages together with Science or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto in such subject and with such 5 standard of attainments as may be prescribed and securing not less than 45% marks for open category and not less than 40% marks for reserved category.
In case of B.Sc. Semester II, III, IV, V and VI Examination: The student should have attended a minimum of 90 days in the respective semesters as per the rules of ATKT

Intake Capacity

50(Reservation as per State Government Norms)

Medium of Instruction / Examination

The medium of instructions and writing of examination is in English only.

Standard of Passing and performance grading

(A) Passing standard:
Grades Six point scale, Passing with Minimum grade ‘E’, or ‘D’ or ‘C’ or ‘B’ or ‘O’ in 6 point scale.
“Pass” means minimum grade ‘E’ or above in 6 point scale
“Fail” means grade ‘F’ in 6 point scale

Minimum marks for passing theory and practical examination:
The learner should secure 35%marks in theory and 35% marks in practical of each paper separately for every semester

(B) Performance grading:
The PERFORMANCE GRADING of a student shall be based on the SIX point ranking system as under:
Grade Marks in % Grade Points
O 70 & above 6
A 60 to 69.99 5
B 55 to 59.99 4
C 50 to 54.99 3
D 45 to 49.99 2
E 35 to 44.99 1
F (Fail / Unsatisfactory) 34.99 and below 0
The performance grading is be based on the aggregate performance and Semester End Examination.

(C) Carry forward of marks, in case, student fails in one or more subjects/courses:
The passing heads for practical examination and theory examination will be separate. The candidate, who will pass in any either (practical examination or theory) case, his/her marks will be carry forward.
A student who FAILS shall reappear for the concerned examinations.

(D) The ATKT rules for admission for the B.Sc. Forensic Science Course (Theory and Practical as separate passing head) are as given in the following table:

Admission to Semester Candidates should have passed in all the subjects of the following examination of university of Nagpur Candidates should have passed at least two third of the passing heads of the following examinations
Semester I As per Eligibility criteria ---
Semester II --- ---
Semester III --- Semester I & Semester II
Semester IV --- ---
Semester V Semester I & Semester II Semester III & Semester IV
Semester VI --- ---