Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science and Related Law

Nature of the Course

This One Year Post Graduate Diploma In Forensic Science And Related Law course shall be a full time regular course.

Eligibility Criteria

(A) The student seeking admission to this course should have the eligibility: Bachelor Degree in Science, Law,Medical Sciences and Pharmacy with passing percentage 45 for open and 40% for reserved category candidates.

(B) Candidates from other than Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur will have to obtain eligibility certificate from this University.

(C) Intake Capacity: 40 (Reservation as per State Government Norms)

Fee Structure

(I) Tution Fee: The tution fee for the said course will be decided by the State Government for the Government Institutions whereas the fees will decided by the University for the affiliated colleges.

(II) Examination Fee: The examination fee for the said course will be decided by the University..


The syllabus for this course as prescribed by the Board of Studies in terms of Annual pattern

Medium of Instruction / Examination

The medium of instructions and writing of examination shall be in English only.

Conduct of Examination

The examination leading to the course of One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science and Related Law shall be held once in a year only (i.e. summer) at such places and on such dates as may be decided by the University.

Standard of Passing

(I) Candidate who secures minimum 35% in each subject/paper will be declared to have passed the examination.

(II) A candidate who fails to secure 35% in subject/paper will be allowed to reappear in that subject/paper.

(III) Successful examinee obtaining 60% or more marks in the aggregate at the examination shall be placed in the First division and those obtaining l ess than 60% but not less than 45% of aggregate marks shall be placed in the Second division and those obtaining less than 45% marks of aggregate but not less than 35% aggregate of marks shall be placed in Third division.

(IV) The candidate, who is successful at an examination and achieves not less than 75% of the total marks prescribed in a subject, shall be declared to pass the examination with Distinction in that subject.

(V) An examinee, who is unsuccessful at the examination, will be eligible for admission to the next written examination on payment of fresh fees prescribed for the examination together with an ex-student fee as applicable and on compliance of the conditions of the ordinance enforced from time to time.

(VI) For being eligible for exemption in a paper, dissertation work, the candidate must have obtained not less than 35% of marks.

(VII) Provision of Ordinance No. 7-A relating to the condonation of deficiency of marks for passing the examination and of Ordinance No. 10 relating to the exemptions and compartments shall apply to the examination under this ordinance.

Scheme of Examination

(I) The Scheme of Examination shall be as per Appendix-A (Annual pattern). However, the Scheme of Examination reflects the basic structure of Theory, Practical Training and Project Work. The details/title of the theory papers can be suitably modified in future considering the need of the subject without disturbing the main structure.

(II) Practical Training and Project Work : The Practical Trainingshall be assessed by the external examiner and the internal examiner. The project work shall be assessed by the project guide as an internal examiner. However, final marks shall be awarded by external examiner. The examinations of practical training and project work shall be held separately.

The examiners will evaluate the Experimental Project Work taking into account the 1) Coverage of subject matter, 2) Arrangement and presentation 3) Reference and 4) Critical application and original experimental contribution of the candidate.

Every student is required to carry out Experimental/Field Based Project Work on related topic of the subject/course. On the basis of this work, student must submit the Project Report (Typed and properly bound) in two copies at least one month prior to commencement of the final Practical/Lab Examination of Semester VI. The project report shall comprise of Introduction, Material and Method, Result and Discussion, Summary and Conclusions, Future Prospects and References along with the declaration by the candidate that the work is original and not submitted to any University or Organization for award of the degree and certificate by the supervisor and forwarded through Head/Course-Coordinator/Director/Principal of College. The examinations of practical training and project work shall be held separately.

Other Rules

(I) As soon as possible after the examination, but not later than 30th June, next following in case of examination held in April, the Management Council shall publish the list of successful examinees. The names of First Three examinees passing the examination in first attempt with more than 60% marks in the minimum prescribed being arranged in order of merit.

(II) Not Withstanding anything contrary to the contents of this ordinance, no person shall be admitted to this examination, if he/she has already passed this examination or an equivalent examination of any other statutory University.

Award of Diploma

A successful examinee shall be awarded Post Graduate Diploma in prescribed form signed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

With the issuance of this Direction, the Direction No. 13 of 2011 shall stand repealed.